Mickleover 95 F.C has a great history! 

It all started back in 1994…


Two different groups of kids aged around 5 years old, who had a passion for football, started having kick arounds and training sessions on local fields. One group was coached by Steve Streak and the other by Walt Sadler.


Both groups were looking for teams to play for, but unfortunately due to their age and other factors, no local team could accommodate either group. 


Both groups of kids went to two local schools (Silverhill & Ravensdale) so a lot of parents knew each other. The two coaches got talking to the parents and all the kids wanted to continue playing, so, in the summer of 1994 Walt Sadler & Steve Streak, along with the help of Dick Pratley (Derby County 1983-1987, Shrewsbury 1987-1990) branched out and created their very own club. 


Word soon spread that a new club had been set up and it started to grow. Training was moved to Murray Park School on Saturdays as there were 40+ kids turning up every week.


It was decided that the club would be called Mickleover 95 F.C with ninety-five being the year the club first registered with the Derby Community League (DCL). 


We held our first tournament in 1996 which was a huge success which subsequently played a big part in our clubs’ development. When the kids reached an age that they could enter into competitive football, we created two teams; Mickleover 95 Lions & Mickleover 95 Tigers.


Brian Clough would be a regular down at our matches, as his grandson played for our club, it was noted that he was very ‘encouraging and vocal’…


Several of our former players have been signed to professional clubs over the years. One such player, Ross Atkins (GK) went on to play for Derby County and Burton Albion amongst other teams.

Our Original Club Badge...


With the club growing so exponentially it became apparent early on that we needed an identity. 


Craig Streak, the brother of founder member Steve Streak, joined the club as development coach. Subsequently Craig volunteered to develop the club badge. He started to research our village of Mickleover…


The earliest recorded mention of Mickleover (and its close neighbour, Littleover) was way back in 1011. The village also also appears in the Domesday Book. At the Time of Domesday Survey in 1086, Mickleover was known as ‘Magna’. In early Latin, Magna meant ‘Great’. Another word found from 1011 is ‘Ufre’ which when translated means ‘The Ridge’ or ‘The High Ground’.


Alongside our club colours of red & black, ’Magna Ufre’ has sat proudly on the club crest for the last 25 years. It was originally meant as a statement of unity and strength.

Our New Club Badge...

In June 2021 our club badge was changed to the current design you can see throughout the website. It was decided that the badge needed updating with a more modern and up to date design.


With this in mind we decided right from the start that we wanted to keep some features of the original badge. The club asked Mart Ridgers (Vice chair & Media Officer) to come up with some designs. The new design was chosen by the club Chairman and incorporates 'Magna Ufre' as well as proudly displaying M95 in the middle as per the original. The year the club was formed is written in Roman numerals and the gold outer ring is to make the badge stand out when printed onto our kits.


So where are we now?


The club has come a long way since the foundations were put in place by our founding members. We continue to play competitive football successfully within Derby’s leagues. Our core values remain the same now as they did 25 years ago. We have helped develop the football and social skills of hundreds of kids over the years, something that we will continue to do in all the years we have ahead of us.


In 2017 we had 4 teams competing competitively, two of which were in their last season at our club as they were two U18 teams. However, due to our exceptional growth we now have 13 competitive teams for the 22/23 season. We also have an envious academy set up for U4's & U5's which is incredibly popular!


Club History

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